Our mission

To empower maintenance operators to make them more efficient and successful.

What's with the tree?

Trees change over time. They grow and new branches appear… just like an electrical infrastructure.

When we started PowerTree, we thought of trees as the lungs of the world, helping people breathe easy. We believe PowerTree will allow you to take back control over your electrical system and let your business breathe and grow.

—Mateusz Goral, CTO and Co-Founder


David and Mateusz first met two decades ago, when they were both in high school in Montreal, Canada. Since then, they achieved a lot individually and it was clear to both that working together could help them make something really unique and special. Together they developed an idea of a simpler way to maintain electrical plans up to date.

Together, they created PowerTree—the result is what you see today.

Co-Founders David L’Heureux, CEO and Mateusz Goral, CTO