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Empower electricians to do what they love.

Skyrocket productivity

Critical information is now available at all times. Limit delays and operational costs by spending more time on maintenance.

Fast Implementation

Days to get set up, not weeks. Our solution quickly organizes all your electrical data into one easy-to-use tool.

Built for any business

We support all types of buildings regardless of their size. PowerTree has the features you need to move forward.

Prevent accidents

We know that the well being of your employees is a priority. The standardization of processes and access to proper information in real-time significantly reduces the risk of accidents.

Build company know-how

PowerTree allows you to organize electrical information in a structured way.  Help your employees or external subcontractor build and share a powerful knowledge base.

Quicker on-boarding

Your new hires, whether internal or external, will be up and running in no time.  They’ll easily understand your electrical infrastructure without the need to spends weeks navigating through outdated plans.

Your team deserves PowerTree

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